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>- These are 1/100 scale, correct?

I believe that it's around the 1/60 scale based on the size of the 1/100

>- Any of the others in the mobile fighter DX line worth picking up?

As far as I know, there are only two other mobile fighter DX in the line; the
Shining Gundam and the Dragon Gundam. There are a whole bunch of other mobile
fighters in a smaller scale. Can't remember what this line is. I'll check once
I'm home.
The Shining Gundam is rather similar to the God Gundam. As a toy, there's
nothing really special about it. It comes with two beam saber and the backpack
transforms into a fighter (core fighter??). Like you mentioned, SIZE is main
attraction of a DX toy. There's nothing quite like having a whole bunch of DX
toys on the shelf.

What other Gundam DX toys are there? I only know of these few:

Gundam MK II
Z Gundam
ZZ Gundam
V-Dash Gundam
V Gundam Hexa
Shining Gundam
Dragon Gundam
God Gundam
Wing Gundam

>- What's the going rate for them these days? I got mine for $60, which I
>figured was reasonable since I've seen a few in overpriced online stores
>around the $100 mark, and it would have had to have been at least a 4000 yen
>toy, right?

The Hong Kong version was retailing for SG$49.90 (US$29.35) in Singapore some
time ago. You'll still be able to get one for that price if you look hard


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