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Went and bought a "Toys R Us Japan Exclusive" God Gundam. I've really come
around to some of G Gundam's designs, and I figured I should have at least
one in my collection. All the reviews I've read of the G Gundam DX toys were
generally flattering. The consensus was they weren't quite as good as HCM's
in terms of posability (i.e. no posable fingers), but the fact that they
were significantly larger made up for it. So its question time:
- These are 1/100 scale, correct?
- What makes the "Toys R Us" version different from ye olde generic God
- Anybody have one and want to comment on fun factor?
- Any of the others in the mobile fighter DX line worth picking up?
- What's the going rate for them these days? I got mine for $60, which I
figured was reasonable since I've seen a few in overpriced online stores
around the $100 mark, and it would have had to have been at least a 4000 yen
toy, right?

I've also got a HCM HiZack on the way (w00t!) so at long last my RX-178 can
have somebody to fight. My order from Gundamshop may be here today, if not
i'm expecting it early next week, depending on when the bastards at Canada
customs let go of it. Once I have that I'll give you my final decision on
their service (preview: Not great.)

My giant robot toyshelf is slowly building up. I'll shortly have 3 MG's, 2
HCM's, 3 MSiA's, 1 DX, 1 Five Star Stories 1/144th figure, and 3 Macross SD
Valk's. Oh, and my Mac Plus YF-19 if HG and Big West ever sort out their
legal crap.

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