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>--- Hyun Kye <h_kye@skidmore.edu> wrote:
>> I am no Guru but I think I can help you with some of
>> those.
>Thanks for the input.
>I pretty much snipped everything because, although the
>information you wrote was very helpful, it doesn't
>seem to pertain to the Sega Saturn version of the
>game. (But you bet I'm going to save it for when I
>get the PSX version)
>Several times you refer to a "second part" of the
>game. I ask: What second part? My game is only one
>CD (I don't have the bonus CD.) I know the PSX
>version has two disks.

The first part is the run-of-the-mill One Year War
scenario. Depending on how it ends, you may unlock
a "second part" when you start a new game again.
The PSX version has 2 discs but they split by sides
(a Fed disc and a Zeon disc), so the "second part"
wasn't all slapped on the same disc.

>I think you are talking about the PSX version because
>you refer to Garma leading his own faction which does
>not happen in the Saturn version.
>If I am just being stupid, someone please enlighten
>me. I've been a Gundam fan for almost 12 years now,
>and the original was always my favorite so you can
>understand why I love this game so much. I must have
>played it all the way through 40 times. I've gotten
>complete victories more times that I can count, either
>as Zeon and taking everything down to Jaburo, or as
>the Federal Forces and taking everything including Zum
>City. From there I get the end narration, the end
>credits, and then the game starts over at the beginning.

If you start again and do not see the option to play
a new scenario involving different factions, chances
are either that your memory blocks are too full and
the game was unable to create a new save, or you haven't
successfully unlocked them yet.


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