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I actually think Anthony will be doing both; One of the guys on set said at
the official site that he 'snapped the mask on' Anthony, so I assume we'll
see the evolution of Threepio.
 Don't worry, the next two films will probably be darker.

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>>>>>>>>Plus, all indications are that the new Anakin is a GOOD actor, and
there are a lot of cool actors signing up, like Christopher Lee, Temura
Morrison(As a Fett incarnation), and Jimmy Smits(Playing Bail Organa).
and Threepio will be GOLD!<<<<<<<<<<

Everyone who has seen the new Anakin act say he is Frigging INCREDIBLE, not
just good. As for C3P0, the gold was a rumor. According to Anthony Daniels
himself, he is actually operating the puppet from Episode 1 this time,
instead of just adding the voice.
There is the possibility that Anakin will finish him, in between shagging
Padme and saving the Universe, but there is nothing to substantiate this


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