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>>>>>>>.>But you said "If Star Wars was realistic Maul would have wiped the floor
with Obi-Wan as well, as Obi is basically a Jedi near the end of his
training..." So, why would one warrior at the end of his training
necessarily wipe the floor with the other warrior at the end of *his*
training? It would make more sense for Liam's character to kill Maul or for
Maul to live long enough to be killed in the second movie. Or maybe Sidious
could kill him for his failure, who knows.

"I" didn't say that. I was the one pointing out that Maul was also an
apprentice. Someone else was talking about Maul wiping the floor with a Jedi
apprentice. However, I will say though that Jedi apprentices are taught
multiple exercises, with the martial ones being the least emphasised
(basically like basic training type stuff), but other things like healing,
etc. having more emphasis. Sith apprentices OTOH, are, in general, taught
more martial philosophies, and they can allow their anger and hatred to guide
their actions, in SOME ways making them better warriors (of course, this aid
brought by anger and hatred is a transitory and self defeating thing). Jedi
students must by neccessity bury their anger and hatred, lest they be
consumed by the Dark Side.

Actually, in the Episode II On Location featurettes on the Official Star Wars Site, Nick Gilliard (stunt coordinator) says that he deliberately put a flaw in Qui Gon's fighting style,and thus Obi Wan's as well. It works well for short fights but not for long ones. This is supposed to also play into events in Episodes II and III. As for Maul, he's dead, get over it. But wait for the new Sith Apprentice,

Rumored to be named

Darth Tyrannus...


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