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Anger can make one more powerful in the Star Wars universe. Remember, in
ROTJ, Luke's anger allows him to become extremely deadly in combat.

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Roland Thigpen wrote:

> Like I said above, Darth Maul was also a student near the end of his

But you said "If Star Wars was realistic Maul would have wiped the floor
with Obi-Wan as well, as Obi is basically a Jedi near the end of his
training..." So, why would one warrior at the end of his training
necessarily wipe the floor with the other warrior at the end of *his*
training? It would make more sense for Liam's character to kill Maul or for
Maul to live long enough to be killed in the second movie. Or maybe Sidious
could kill him for his failure, who knows.

> These comics show what the Jedi were like several thousand years ago, the
planet that they called thier own, their rites and practices, and many of
their powers. And they are pretty much cannon (at least as much as the newer
post trilogy novels).

I don't think I have those. I'll have to look for them.


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