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On Thu, 14 Sep 2000, Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> BlazeEagle@aol.com wrote:
> > From what I've read, Jar Jar Binks was their for comic relief and for the
> > little kids to. I don't think he's that bad, Yes he is basically useless. Not
> The reason for his being there was bullshit, though. Lucas said he was there to
> help the kids get into the movie. But the kids were *already* into the whole
> Star Wars franchise, they were buying up everything with the Star Wars name on
> it already. So selling out was a waste of time, the kids would have gone to see
> the movie no matter how much slapstick was in there.

Well, it seems you've made up your mind. *shrug* Little use debating with

> > every single character has to have a "use" you know. Maul was pretty useless
> > ya know. All he basically did was stalk them, kill a character, then die
> > himself. I mean Yeah is Stars Wars good always wins, but if Maul was such an
> > awesome Sith Warrior, he wouldn't have lost to a Jedi in traing, but Maul had
> Now, as awesome as he looked, nowhere in the movie was it stated that he was the
> best there was. He, too, could have been a student. A badass student, but a
> student.

I am wondering about that. Thought that the Sith were rather small. All we
have seen is the (to be) Emperor. And there are always two. Dunno how many
more are out there.

> > to loose because Obi-Wan is old and gray in the movie. If Star Wars was
> > realstic Maul would have wiped the floor with Obi-Wan as well, as Obi is
> > basically a Jedi near the end of his training and Anakin would have became
> > Darth Vader much sooner.
> Or it could have been a draw. Or Liam's character could have offed him. Who
> knows.

Good luck on your writing career.

> > People seem to forgot Episode 1 was basically a set up phase for the other
> > two prequel movies. I wasn't expecting it to be an "Be All, End All" Star
> > Wars movie, like some seem to want it to be. I liked Episode 1, for what it
> > was. I am sure the Next two movies will be MUCH better, as eventually they
> > gotta show the fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan.
> >
> That's a cop-out. The original Star Wars movie was made as a one-off, no plans
> for the future. Good movie. Once the hype hit and more movies were needed then
> Empire and Jedi showed up. But Star Wars was the set-up for those two. Did it
> need comedy, slapstick, assinine kid plots? No. It set everything up fine.
> Yet now people defend Phantom Menace by saying it was there as a set-up movie,
> like set-up movies must be inane and shit on their own. That's crap. The next
> > two *better* be much better or Lucas is going to get kicked off of the
> Presidio.

By whom?

Like it or not, cop out or not, I too see I as a set up movie. It was
complete enough. Had a slightly more finished ending that Empire did. Star
Wars is within a legacy already. A multiple movie deal is a given. Maybe
A New Hope stood up better on its own. Maybe all of them did so far, but I
think Phantom was okay and could stand on its own if someone never saw the
other parts of the story.

> You saw what Jedis are like. At the beginning of Phantom Menace. But, ya, I'd
> love to see Jedis and Siths going at it. I bought the import laserdisc of
> Phantom Menace and the only parts I can watch are the beginning and the two
> saber fights. The rest is complete shit. As many times as I try to
> forgive it and claw through it I have to skip to the end.

Too bad he couldn't get your forgiveness. Hope he can sleep at night. :)

But this is way off topic (I'm contributing now) as too much of list has
been. That coupled with just the general lack of consideration and nuggets
of goodness that have been on the list in the past makes me think my time
on this list is overstayed. Thanks to everyone who made this list
something good. I will miss the many emails I get each day. But seeing as
I don't read them anymore, makes me think I just might need a life.

Take care all. Sayo.

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