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Chris Maier wrote:

> Well, there are a lot of Star Wars fans out there who enjoyed TPM. And it is
> reflected by the box office gross. I've heard Most of the TPM bashing, in my

Sure it made money. No one disputes that. But how much *more* money could it
have made if it hadn't sucked so bad? Titanic was middle of the road and it
made bank. A great movie could have made more.

> experience, is brought about by critics. Hell, if you showed movie critics

All the bad-mouthing of the movie I heard about was from people who saw it.
Sure, the critics didn't like it. So what. Most of my favorite movies they
didn't like too much. I don't waste time considering their viewpoints. A bad
movie is a bad movie whether critics like it or not.

> Gundam, they'd probably diss it right away as a badly animated attempt to
> sell model kits. That's the general outlook on Pokemon, and in some ways can
> extend to Gundam. Plus we had everybody accusing Lucas of trying to offend
> people, which are utterly ridicoulous.... I believe the reputation of the
> film was hurt by the media assessment of it.

It was, true. I doubt Lucas was trying to offend anyone. But he should have
noticed that his slant-eyed aliens had bad-movie asian accents and done
something about it. And TPM was the first movie where the bulk of the aliens
all spoke English ala Star Trek. Previous episodes had many more subtitles.
It was just bad all around except for its few good moments.


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