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Well, there are a lot of Star Wars fans out there who enjoyed TPM. And it is
reflected by the box office gross. I've heard Most of the TPM bashing, in my
experience, is brought about by critics. Hell, if you showed movie critics
Gundam, they'd probably diss it right away as a badly animated attempt to
sell model kits. That's the general outlook on Pokemon, and in some ways can
extend to Gundam. Plus we had everybody accusing Lucas of trying to offend
people, which are utterly ridicoulous.... I believe the reputation of the
film was hurt by the media assessment of it. Sadly, DBZ, once revered in
fansub circles, is also falling to harsh criticism due to poor English dub
and the fact that many are judging it on the crap Freeza saga...

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nurbs wrote:

> Lake Placid was a good movie compared with EP1(btw alfred you guys at DD
> better creature work in that flick than EP1..You guys know how render and
> correctly) . The fact is lucas made such a POS he cant go lower..Well I
guess he

Why, thanks. We go more for the effects that the audience shouldn't notice.
ya, I think ILM has a little problem with lighting. At least it appears
that their
comps have issues.

> can.. But anything is more watchable than Ep1...I ll hold my breath for
Ep2. I
> guess Sony aint too worried about Ep2 since spiderman will be relaeased in
> 2002.. I think Spiderman is going to kick jedi butt..I hope so
> really has no business directing his own franchise...

That's going to be a tough summer. I think they'll both do well. Ya, if
fucks up again he can just give up on the franchise.


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