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nurbs wrote:

> Lake Placid was a good movie compared with EP1(btw alfred you guys at DD did
> better creature work in that flick than EP1..You guys know how render and light
> correctly) . The fact is lucas made such a POS he cant go lower..Well I guess he

Why, thanks. We go more for the effects that the audience shouldn't notice. But,
ya, I think ILM has a little problem with lighting. At least it appears that their
comps have issues.

> can.. But anything is more watchable than Ep1...I ll hold my breath for Ep2. I
> guess Sony aint too worried about Ep2 since spiderman will be relaeased in MAy
> 2002.. I think Spiderman is going to kick jedi butt..I hope so anyway...Lucas
> really has no business directing his own franchise...

That's going to be a tough summer. I think they'll both do well. Ya, if Lucas
fucks up again he can just give up on the franchise.


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