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Chris Maier wrote:

> The purpose of their operation was not to wipe out the Droids, but to divert
> them away from the capital while Amidala, the guards, and the Jedi snuck in
> to capture the Viceroy and launch the starfighters.
> Remember, "The Battle is a diversion"

I know that. But if the opportunity is there to actually *defeat* the droids,
why not take it? If those droids are wiped out then the blockade is over,
yes? No need to take anybody hostage, just kick them off the planet or kill
them. My beef with it is that the droids were deployed in such a vulnerable
manner that they could have been destroyed before they were ever activated. It
looked like cg Braveheart out there. The diversion idea I get. The execution
of that idea on film blew.


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