Dave Hudson (krimson101@yahoo.com)
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 11:08:48 -0700 (PDT)

--- Hyun Kye <h_kye@skidmore.edu> wrote:
> Hmmmm, that sounds quite wierd.
> Does Sega Saturn
> version have first 100
> turns as ONe Year War, and they you have unlimited
> amout to turns to play
> the next one? If not, then HOw is your game
> designed?

Oh, I see, you have the dreamcast. That's the newest
version, as far as I can tell from combing the ML
archives. I don't know the differences between the
Dreamcast and the PSX version, except some folks on
this ML were reporting bugs with the dreamcast
(according to the archives)

The SS and the PSX versions are quite different.
First, SS has the game all on one disk and only goes
up to the end of the One Year War. There's a bonus
disk, with save games on it and some other stuff I
don't know about. The PSX version has two disks, the
first being the One Year War and the second goes up to
the end of Zeta Gundam. The Saturn version has 150
turns for the entire game. The list of differences
goes on and on...

> Anyway, if you still can't figure out what I am
> talking about, I will send
> you the address FAQ which someone wrote based on
> Saturn version. BBai.

A FAQ for the Saturn version? I got the PSX page link
from the archives (jboren's page), but never found one
on the Saturn. Maybe there's something in there
that'd help me get Kishiria's, Char's or Jamitov's

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