Chris Maier (
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 10:55:51 -0400

Why has G-saviour floated in limbo for so long, despite it's completion?
Does Bandai fear that a live-action production would not be as popular as
say, an anime(Particually due to constaints of live-action in Japan since
more money goes into the animation industry?). I'm just wondering why
they're being so stubborn; they release a video game yet aren't showing the
movie. What's up with them? Surely Gundam must still be popular enough in
Japan for G-savior to at least be a partial success...I hope the dismal
performance of X and Turn A hasn't killed the Gundam franchise...I don't
want Gundam to become another "Doctor Who", which has been dead for over a
decade with the exception of a crappy American TV movie....

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