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WHAT! He directed the first one and also produced the second and third one,
and actually from what I've read did more work on ESB and ROTJ than either
Kershner and Marquand, directing some of the scenes. Also he directed many
scenes out of the Indiana Jones scenes, including the rope bridge scene in
Temple Of Doom. Personally I think Kershner has minamal talent. Ever seen
Never Say Never Again, the remake of Thunderball? It was so amateurishly
directed, filmed and produced, didn't feel like Bond at all(Even WITH Sean
Connery!!!). In fact, the film it was supposed to remake, Thunderball, which
was about 20 years old at the time, is a much better film and looks better
as well(Specially on DVD).

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Lake Placid was a good movie compared with EP1(btw alfred you guys at DD did
better creature work in that flick than EP1..You guys know how render and
correctly) . The fact is lucas made such a POS he cant go lower..Well I
guess he
can.. But anything is more watchable than Ep1...I ll hold my breath for Ep2.
guess Sony aint too worried about Ep2 since spiderman will be relaeased in
2002.. I think Spiderman is going to kick jedi butt..I hope so
really has no business directing his own franchise... wrote:

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> writes:
> << You saw what Jedis are like. At the beginning of Phantom Menace. But,
> ya, I'd
> love to see Jedis and Siths going at it. I bought the import laserdisc
> Phantom Menace and the only parts I can watch are the beginning and the
> saber fights. The rest is complete shit. As many times as I try to
> it
> and claw through it I have to skip to the end. >>
> What I meant is:
> I'd like to see the FULL Jedi stuff, I.E. their Temples or whatever their
> buildings are, what their home planet looked like, the full/all reasons
> the Jedi origins, etc.
> I liked all of the movie. It's no Matrix, though. I LOVED the Matrix. I DO
> hope Episode 2 and 3 can be very good though.
> Aaron
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