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The purpose of their operation was not to wipe out the Droids, but to divert
them away from the capital while Amidala, the guards, and the Jedi snuck in
to capture the Viceroy and launch the starfighters.
Remember, "The Battle is a diversion"

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Leslie_R wrote:

> without Jar Jar they never would have had contact with the Gungans first
> to get a shorter rout to the capitol and then to get an army to fight
> the combine for them.. but unlike the other roles ANYBODY could have
> done that.. afte rthat Jar Jar was useless excpet as comic releif
> -Les

There are myriad other ways they could've hooked up with the Gungans. Jar
didn't help them get any closer to the capitol because he was screaming half
time and then they sedated him. And 10 boy scouts with nothing but flint
sticks could have wiped out those droids.


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