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The PSX version of Giren's Ambition is a remake of the original AND a
sequel. While the Saturn version only covers the 0079-80 timeline (I guess
you can technically up it to 83 if you count the GP project), The Blodd of
Zeon game allows you to continue on upto the end of Zeta. This also means
more factions. There are a total of 5 factions in the Saturn version if I
remember correctly (Fed, Titans, Zeon, Neo Zeon, and True Zeon), while the
PSX version also has Axis, Garma's Zeon, AUEG, Scirocco's Titans, And 2
special scenarios : THe all women faction, and the Family War scenario (all
Zeon factions against each other).

Anyway, I'm not too positive on I managed to get the additional factions in
the Saturn version, but I do remember that you can only unlock the Titans
using the Feds and the other 2 using the Zeon. I'd say just try to make
different choices and remember that the bases you have taken over at a
specific time also seems to play a part in the possible choices.

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> > I am no Guru but I think I can help you with some of
> > those.
> Thanks for the input.
> I pretty much snipped everything because, although the
> information you wrote was very helpful, it doesn't
> seem to pertain to the Sega Saturn version of the
> game. (But you bet I'm going to save it for when I
> get the PSX version)
> Several times you refer to a "second part" of the
> game. I ask: What second part? My game is only one
> CD (I don't have the bonus CD.) I know the PSX
> version has two disks.
> I think you are talking about the PSX version because
> you refer to Garma leading his own faction which does
> not happen in the Saturn version.
> If I am just being stupid, someone please enlighten
> me. I've been a Gundam fan for almost 12 years now,
> and the original was always my favorite so you can
> understand why I love this game so much. I must have
> played it all the way through 40 times. I've gotten
> complete victories more times that I can count, either
> as Zeon and taking everything down to Jaburo, or as
> the Federal Forces and taking everything including Zum
> City. From there I get the end narration, the end
> credits, and then the game starts over at the beginning.
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