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Weren't there a series of Macross 7 DX-style toys released recently, which
prices have skyrocketed for?
 Also, Bandai did release a set of Macross 7 plastic models, which were kind
of nifty since you could build both the battroid and the Figher. Also, the
VF-17 that I own has swappable parts and stickers so you can make it as
either the command version or the troop version. So it's almost like four
kits in one!
Sadly, only has the Mylene Valk....

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garrick lee wrote:

> it's not just the escaflowne merchandise that are
> suffering. i honestly haven't seen any decent
> macross merchandise since...well, since 17 years ago.

Are you kidding? The 15th anniversary PVC figures (both sizes) were sweet. I
got a neato 300 yen Battroid figurine at K books when i was in Japan last

The action figure models were so-so but they did re-issue alot of the Arii
It does suck that the 1/55 scale toys weren't reissued though.

The DYRL DVD is very nice too.

---Brett Jensen

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