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Your making me nostalgic 8...O

aside from 0080 and wing, that show was a comic relief for me. Too bad
they didn't include that series in SRW Alpha.

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> > the wrecked Shining Gundam, courtesy of Master Asia and his Master
> Gundam,
> was rebuilt as the Rising Gundam, and had Rain as the pilot in mind.
> Since
> Rain isn't like Domon in martial arts, the Rising Gundam was
> outfitted with
> a bow and a shield, although the shield was sort of, "disposable" in
> the
> sense that it breaks quickly. The Rising Gundam also lost the
> ability to go
> to hyper mode (or so it seems, as it never went into hyper mode in
> the
> series) because Rain isn't a real Gundam fighter per se and isn't
> expected
> to tap into the hidden potential of the Rising Gundam.
> I thought that Rising Gundam was meant for that "bad guy" (I
> believe it
> was written in the Rising Gundam profile for one of the Super Robot
> War
> games), who was in the earlier Gundam Fight. Rain basically "stole"
> it,
> since she wasn't the designated pilot. It is pretty easy to see it's
> not her
> "Gundam" because all other Gundam in G Gundam that has a female pilot
> has
> female characteristics.
> > Rain also piloted the Shining Gundam at certain times when Domon
> wasn't
> available, such as when the Death Army attacked them after they met
> up with
> Domon's master, Toho Fuhai aka Master Asia, and in some other
> instances that
> escape my mind right now. Yes, Rain also was the mechanic of the
> Shining
> Gundam, and it helps her job by knowing how to pilot it and diagnose
> some
> problems otherwise unnoticable by a non-pilot (or doesn't know how to
> pilot)
> mechanic. That's also one of the reasons why F1 mechanics ask the
> drivers -
> the mechanics may not be able to drive those machines, but at least
> the
> driver input is a very valuable tool in the mechanic's arsenal.
> She piloted it once, when the Death Army attacks while Domon is
> somewhere else (being lured away to subway). She and Domon even do a
> Shining
> Finger together! It's one of my "favorite" episodes, since the scene
> where
> Rain "put on the pilot suit" is just so....
> I believe she knew so much about Shining and God Gundam because
> she
> worked with her father on it, who developed both Gundams. I believe
> her main
> "subject" is still medicine....
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