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> I thought that Rising Gundam was meant for that "bad guy" (I believe it
>was written in the Rising Gundam profile for one of the Super Robot War
>games), who was in the earlier Gundam Fight. Rain basically "stole" it,
>since she wasn't the designated pilot. It is pretty easy to see it's not her
>"Gundam" because all other Gundam in G Gundam that has a female pilot has
>female characteristics.

you mean Urube, the Japanese military guy? the Gundam that Urube used in the 12th Gundam Fight (he was representing Neo-Japan) is be what could be called as the "ancestor" of the Shining Gundam, although IMO it's only appearance-wise. Incidentally, Urube was defeated by Master Asia in his Kowloon Gundam, representing Neo-Hong Kong.

> She piloted it once, when the Death Army attacks while Domon is
>somewhere else (being lured away to subway). She and Domon even do a Shining
>Finger together! It's one of my "favorite" episodes, since the scene where
>Rain "put on the pilot suit" is just so....

LOL! that's one of the reasons I like Rain piloting a trace-system equipped Gundam...nice pilot suit ^_^

> I believe she knew so much about Shining and God Gundam because she
>worked with her father on it, who developed both Gundams. I believe her main
>"subject" is still medicine....

oh yeah she still is focused on medicine. Regarding the God Gundam, I don't know if she was also with the development compared to the Shining Gundam which I believe she had a hand in.

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