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> the wrecked Shining Gundam, courtesy of Master Asia and his Master Gundam,
was rebuilt as the Rising Gundam, and had Rain as the pilot in mind. Since
Rain isn't like Domon in martial arts, the Rising Gundam was outfitted with
a bow and a shield, although the shield was sort of, "disposable" in the
sense that it breaks quickly. The Rising Gundam also lost the ability to go
to hyper mode (or so it seems, as it never went into hyper mode in the
series) because Rain isn't a real Gundam fighter per se and isn't expected
to tap into the hidden potential of the Rising Gundam.

    I thought that Rising Gundam was meant for that "bad guy" (I believe it
was written in the Rising Gundam profile for one of the Super Robot War
games), who was in the earlier Gundam Fight. Rain basically "stole" it,
since she wasn't the designated pilot. It is pretty easy to see it's not her
"Gundam" because all other Gundam in G Gundam that has a female pilot has
female characteristics.

> Rain also piloted the Shining Gundam at certain times when Domon wasn't
available, such as when the Death Army attacked them after they met up with
Domon's master, Toho Fuhai aka Master Asia, and in some other instances that
escape my mind right now. Yes, Rain also was the mechanic of the Shining
Gundam, and it helps her job by knowing how to pilot it and diagnose some
problems otherwise unnoticable by a non-pilot (or doesn't know how to pilot)
mechanic. That's also one of the reasons why F1 mechanics ask the drivers -
the mechanics may not be able to drive those machines, but at least the
driver input is a very valuable tool in the mechanic's arsenal.

    She piloted it once, when the Death Army attacks while Domon is
somewhere else (being lured away to subway). She and Domon even do a Shining
Finger together! It's one of my "favorite" episodes, since the scene where
Rain "put on the pilot suit" is just so....

    I believe she knew so much about Shining and God Gundam because she
worked with her father on it, who developed both Gundams. I believe her main
"subject" is still medicine....

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