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Lake Placid was a good movie compared with EP1(btw alfred you guys at DD did
better creature work in that flick than EP1..You guys know how render and light
correctly) . The fact is lucas made such a POS he cant go lower..Well I guess he
can.. But anything is more watchable than Ep1...I ll hold my breath for Ep2. I
guess Sony aint too worried about Ep2 since spiderman will be relaeased in MAy
2002.. I think Spiderman is going to kick jedi butt..I hope so anyway...Lucas
really has no business directing his own franchise... wrote:

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> writes:
> << You saw what Jedis are like. At the beginning of Phantom Menace. But,
> ya, I'd
> love to see Jedis and Siths going at it. I bought the import laserdisc of
> Phantom Menace and the only parts I can watch are the beginning and the two
> saber fights. The rest is complete shit. As many times as I try to forgive
> it
> and claw through it I have to skip to the end. >>
> What I meant is:
> I'd like to see the FULL Jedi stuff, I.E. their Temples or whatever their
> buildings are, what their home planet looked like, the full/all reasons for
> the Jedi origins, etc.
> I liked all of the movie. It's no Matrix, though. I LOVED the Matrix. I DO
> hope Episode 2 and 3 can be very good though.
> Aaron
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