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>-Z- wrote:
>> I think that Quatre Laberba Winner of Gundam Wing was an engineer, but I can't
>> confirm that.
>actually if memory serves ALL of the gundma pilots in Wing had enough
>engenearing training ot be able to at least maintain and to some extent
>repair their Gundams with little or no outside assistance. thought the
>level of this ability may vary from pilot to pilot (remember in one of
>the earlierst episodes Heero compleately repaired Wing gundam after
>trashing it with a heavy torpedo strike by canabalizing parts for gundam
>Deathscythe.. and he did this all in one night)

yes your memory served you right, Les. I really had a kick out of that episode after Duo was making fun of Heero who was trying to repair the Wing Gundam after he hit it with a torpedo, seemingly without spare parts. Heero really pulled a fast one on the fastest guy in a Gundam by cannibalizing Duo's Gundam after Duo went to sleep.

"watch out fellow Virtual On Oratorio Tangram player! here comes AJIM-boy!"

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