James II L Ravelo (nu_gundam@edsamail.com.ph)
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 17:28:08 +0800

gundam@aeug.org wrote:

>as far as i recall
>Medic=??? forgot

Medic = MEDD Worker


it isn't the Core Booster, it's the GP-01Fb's Core Fighter II (from 0083)

>Goliath=NuGundam(probably massproduction)

yes it's a mass production Nu Gundam, although it looks more like the prototype Nu Gundam without the fin fannels

>Wraith=Salamis Kai
>Battleship=Pegasus Class Whitebase(or it could be Ahgama)

the Battleship became the Pegasus Class "Albion" (from 0083)

"watch out fellow Virtual On Oratorio Tangram player! here comes AJIM-boy!"

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