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<< You saw what Jedis are like. At the beginning of Phantom Menace. But,
ya, I'd
 love to see Jedis and Siths going at it. I bought the import laserdisc of
 Phantom Menace and the only parts I can watch are the beginning and the two
 saber fights. The rest is complete shit. As many times as I try to forgive
 and claw through it I have to skip to the end. >>

  What I meant is:

I'd like to see the FULL Jedi stuff, I.E. their Temples or whatever their
buildings are, what their home planet looked like, the full/all reasons for
the Jedi origins, etc.

I liked all of the movie. It's no Matrix, though. I LOVED the Matrix. I DO
hope Episode 2 and 3 can be very good though.


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