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<< Probably. Besides the shit accent and crap animation my main problem with
 Jar was that he was *useless*. There was not *one* scene, not one, where he
 was necessary or even added something, anything to the story. Not one. The
 movie would have been no different if he wasn't there. Can't say that about
 Obiwan or Anakin (crap actor that *he* was) or Maul, etc. >>

  From what I've read, Jar Jar Binks was their for comic relief and for the
little kids to. I don't think he's that bad, Yes he is basically useless. Not
every single character has to have a "use" you know. Maul was pretty useless
ya know. All he basically did was stalk them, kill a character, then die
himself. I mean Yeah is Stars Wars good always wins, but if Maul was such an
awesome Sith Warrior, he wouldn't have lost to a Jedi in traing, but Maul had
to loose because Obi-Wan is old and gray in the movie. If Star Wars was
realstic Maul would have wiped the floor with Obi-Wan as well, as Obi is
basically a Jedi near the end of his training and Anakin would have became
Darth Vader much sooner.

  People seem to forgot Episode 1 was basically a set up phase for the other
two prequel movies. I wasn't expecting it to be an "Be All, End All" Star
Wars movie, like some seem to want it to be. I liked Episode 1, for what it
was. I am sure the Next two movies will be MUCH better, as eventually they
gotta show the fight between Anakin and Obi-Wan.

  Speaking of Star Wars, according to several Computer game magazines, there
is going to be a computer RPG set 4,000 years before Episode 1! It's also set
in the time period when the Sith and the Jedi are fighting each other. I
think this is neat, because I've always wanted to see what the Jedi where
like in their "Prime." There's a comic series set in this time as well. I
have the first issue I believe, while it was several years ago since I've
read it, it looks very promising.


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