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Alfred Urrutia wrote:
> Paul Fields wrote:
> >
> > Am I the only one that wouldn't have minded Jar Jar if he was played
> > and looked like the old sargeant Gungan instead... The gray one that
> > didn't say much.
> >
> Probably. Besides the shit accent and crap animation my main problem with Jar
> Jar was that he was *useless*. There was not *one* scene, not one, where he
> was necessary or even added something, anything to the story. Not one. The
> movie would have been no different if he wasn't there. Can't say that about
> Obiwan or Anakin (crap actor that *he* was) or Maul, etc.
> Alfred.
without Jar Jar they never would have had contact with the Gungans first
to get a shorter rout to the capitol and then to get an army to fight
the combine for them.. but unlike the other roles ANYBODY could have
done that.. afte rthat Jar Jar was useless excpet as comic releif


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