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Sorry but I haven't played that game but I once read from a guide that
there are two hidden faction u can choose --Neo Jion w/ Casbal and

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Subject: [gundam] Giren's Ambition Gurus please help

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> This is going to seem like yesterday's news because
> it's a Saturn question, but I don't have the money to
> buy a PSX and Blood of Zeon for a few months, and I
> can't stop playing my saturn Giren's Ambition over and
> over and over...
> Anyway, I need help with something. I downloaded the
> proggy to watch the movies off the CD. Saw three
> movies I hadn't seen while playing the game. 1)
> Kishiria making a speech with Gren watching in the
> end. From the Archives I gather this is seen when she
> takes over Zion from Giren. 2) Char making speech,
> much like the one he makes in Zeta Gundam, with same
> footage of Giren watching at end. I take it this is
> Char creating Neo Zion? 3) Jamitov making speech.
> This is Jamitov forming Titans?
> My question is this: How do I get these "alternate
> timelines" in the game? Playing as the Federal Forces
> I let Jamitov gas Side 6, then let him do his own NT
> research (and got Zero Murasame!!!) but nothing
> heppened after that.
> Playing as Zion I figured I'd try to piss off Kishiria
> as much as possible by denying any requests and
> recommendations. As usual, after I blasted Revil and
> Degin I had the option to arrest Kishiria. If I don't
> arrest her then Giren gets shot in the head and the
> game's over. In the archives a letter made mention
> that if Kishiria is arrested she escapes and forms
> "True Zion." But this didn't happen with me.
> As far as Char is concerned, I tried to give him more
> freedom and power by not punishing him after Garma
> dies. But nothing happens other than the usual course
> of the game.
> Please help, I'm begging. Is the expansion CD
> required to play the alternate versions of the game?
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