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> Well, TPM did break some new ground. Coruscant, for instance, was pretty
> much an entirely digital planet, although it did use some sketches, and
> Jar-Jar and Watto were actual CG characters that were so real that you
> hate them(Although a lot of people liked Watto).

Am I the only one that wouldn't have minded Jar Jar if he was played
and looked like the old sargeant Gungan instead... The gray one that
didn't say much.

> No was Phantom Menace going to win. Nothing new in that movie, nothing.
> Matrix did the whole "bullet time" thing which I am now well sick of
> in commercials and TV movies but at the time they did something that
> else could or tried to do.

It was the only thing I didn't see in the New Godzilla 2000 movie, I kept
for Godzilla to jump up into a crane stance, cameras pan around him to get a
at the bad monster's face, and then kick him real good...

I hated the bullet tracing you see in the preview for Art of War, but the
scene that
immmediately followed that was a lot like the subway scene from the Matrix
being over the top. That probably makes it one of my favorite gunfights,
right up with
the bar scene in Desperado... OF course I liked Wesley Snipes scenes in
Blade too..

The rest of the Matrix like scenes you see nowadays are crap, the ones in MI
2 were
very forced looking... John Woo created his own genre of gunfighting I wish
he would
stick with it...

The preview for Charlies Angels looks better to me than the entire MI 2 move
did, but
I'm sure when I sit through it for 2 hours I'll be sorely disappointed...
just like MI 2.


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