Dave Hudson (krimson101@yahoo.com)
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 21:45:55 -0700 (PDT)

This is going to seem like yesterday's news because
it's a Saturn question, but I don't have the money to
buy a PSX and Blood of Zeon for a few months, and I
can't stop playing my saturn Giren's Ambition over and
over and over...

Anyway, I need help with something. I downloaded the
proggy to watch the movies off the CD. Saw three
movies I hadn't seen while playing the game. 1)
Kishiria making a speech with Gren watching in the
end. From the Archives I gather this is seen when she
takes over Zion from Giren. 2) Char making speech,
much like the one he makes in Zeta Gundam, with same
footage of Giren watching at end. I take it this is
Char creating Neo Zion? 3) Jamitov making speech.
This is Jamitov forming Titans?

My question is this: How do I get these "alternate
timelines" in the game? Playing as the Federal Forces
I let Jamitov gas Side 6, then let him do his own NT
research (and got Zero Murasame!!!) but nothing
heppened after that.

Playing as Zion I figured I'd try to piss off Kishiria
as much as possible by denying any requests and
recommendations. As usual, after I blasted Revil and
Degin I had the option to arrest Kishiria. If I don't
arrest her then Giren gets shot in the head and the
game's over. In the archives a letter made mention
that if Kishiria is arrested she escapes and forms
"True Zion." But this didn't happen with me.

As far as Char is concerned, I tried to give him more
freedom and power by not punishing him after Garma
dies. But nothing happens other than the usual course
of the game.

Please help, I'm begging. Is the expansion CD
required to play the alternate versions of the game?

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