Richard Holman (
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 21:06:18 -0600


I have a couple of questions for the list.

Does anybody have any info on an anime called (I think) DeVadasay?? I have
seen a couple of pictures and they look fairly cool. The mecha seem really
original, but there are all these girls in red sailor suits, so I am not
sure who the target audience is, it may be based on a video game..... Any
info would be helpful.

Also does anyone know of a good online source for Shoji Kawamori lineart??

In the same vein, I also am looking for Kazuhisa Kondo lineart, if anything,
if someone could scan and e-mail me some, I'd be grateful.

To keep the last two questions on topic, (Kondo does Gundam art) does anyone
have any of the funky redesigns Ozone did for (I think) ZZ Gundam?? It may
have been Z, but I cannot recall...

Thanks for the info and the heads up!

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