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Chris Maier wrote:

> Not at all. I can seperate true criticism from an attack.
> And as for what that last part was...I have to go for (a). Have you seen the
> majority of Americans in today's world?

But, so what? If you (Spielberg) want to make a great movie about an amazing
part of history in your opinion, do you care if it gets across to the dummies?
They're dumb, they won't care, so why butcher your movie with fictional
additions? Stay true to the subject matter. If you're a good director, it'll
get across and you'll get your Oscar.

> BTW, you have heard of the writing (and thus, movie through scripts) method
> of reinforcing a point by repeating a theme do you not? It tends to be very
> effective at driving home a point. Which is what that ending was there for.

Reinforcing and flattening me with it are two different things. Does that
method mention a point when you should *stop* doing that, that you've repeated
enough? Probably.

> Frankly, I did not enjoy it. That should be clear enough. I did not like the
> subject matter, how it was presented, nor the characters or how they were
> portrayed. About the only character I halfway liked was Bruce Willis's one
> (if I'm remembering correctly. I watched the movie once 4 or 5 years ago).

I figured you didn't enjoy it. I hate the Grateful Dead but I'm capable of
listening to their music and saying whether I feel the playing is good or not.
That's what I'm asking, what you thought of the performances, the
cinematography, etc. If the characters were supposed to be despicable then I
guess Tarantino did a good job, huh?


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