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I understand that the evangelion manga has some similar problems(being on
hold and all), but that's a little odd considering it's being written after
the series. Then again it's a different take on Eva, with characters
adopting new attitudes and stuff(Asuka seems to be more accepting of Shinji,
for one, and we actually see flashbacks into Shinji's past. Also, Rei's
injuries are caused by her taking Unit 01 out against Sachiel). It's done by
the character designer, in fact, of Eva. I wonder what his take on the Eva
will be like.

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>Originally, was the Gundam Wing manga currently being published by Mixx
>originally released in Comics BonBon? If so, is there a more 'adult'
>of it?

None that I know of.

>I seem to recall somebody saying that there were two versions of the
>Turn A manga, BonBon and a more adult version. While the drawings of the
>current GW manga are nice and I enjoy the SD shorts, the plot is all over
>the place, like somebody cut up all the GW episodes, put them in a blender
>and then tried to piece them back together again.

You got to keep in mind that the Wing manga was originally serialized in
monthly magazines and the manga artist usually do not have the privilege
of having seen the story animated before he starts working on the manga.
Often all he has is a plot synopsis of the upcoming episodes, which are
of course subject to change without notice.

You'll notice Wing's manga adaptation aren't nearly as bad as the Nadesico
one, which was virtually a different story altogether compared to the TV
version, because the story wasn't even fleshed out and the manga artist
had to make a decision of whether to make up his story and continue or put
the serial on suspension. He chose to forge ahead and now we have this
"alternate reality" to Nadesico in manga form.

>Plus there are the large
>panels and word baloons-which I doubt are a product of Mixx's tampering.

I'll tell you what's been tampered with: horizontal flipping and page
enlargement. That's why the panels appear extra large.

> So is there an alternate GW manga?

There are a lot of side stories, but none that tackles the TV series like
this one you are talking about.

>Also, is G-unit pretty much the
>same(Large panels, rushed plot, big words) since it was published in the
>same magazine, with what looks like the same artist/writer, or is it an

It's much better action-wise. The story is also more cohesive, given that
there was no need to address the constraints of an existing TV series.


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