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Not just that...the only Gundam pilot that I can think of in the UC universe that didn't have a thing for an older pilot at one point or another is Shiro Amada of 08th MS Team.


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>Well, Amuro did have a thing for Matilda....
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>> >Christina Mackenzie of Gundam 0080 was an engineering student before she
>> >enlisted with the Federation. She built the retro-styled sports car
>> >the Lotus Super Seven seen in THE PRISONER) as a class project.
>> Interesting, this info didn't come from the OVA episodes, did it?
>No, it was in some backgrounder info in one of the Pure Cyber Comics, which
>revealed that Chris is 165 cm (5'5") tall, weighed 50 kg (110#), blood type
>Positive, and was 21 years old in December 0079. She supposedly earned a
>in Engineering the year before, but it's not clear if it was a Baccalaureate
>Associate degree. The car used a fuel cell and a recycling gas turbine
>more powerful than the standard ele-car but just as pollution free.
>I was also surprised to learn here that Bernard Wiseman was two years
>than Chris, being only 19 at the time they met -- about the same and Kou
>and Nina Purpleton in Gundam 0083. Is there some rule that says that pilot
>protagonists must be enamored of older women?
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