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> First of all, I could care less about anyone trying to get an Oscar. Anyone that makes films is trying to do that. It'd be like blaming a soldier for killing someone before they killed him in a battle.

If you think the guys who made "Porky's" were going for an Oscar then you don't know what drives most productions.

> As for Schindler being an asshole...well, seems a good portion of the Jewish community would debate that. Like anyone else, he had his faults. His reasons for freeing the Jews can't be figured out now, only the results. It's like debating whether or not Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclomation for good reasons or not. All we have to judge from are the results. Did he save the lives of hundreds of Jews? YES. And frankly, I know several Jews that would find your blasting of the man insulting. Including one I used to work for (God rest his soul). As for Schindler's foibles, they are included in the film, if you merely look for them.

The end justifies the means? You agree with that? So, if Schindler murdered 2 million Japanese to save those hundreds of Jews, it would still be a win? Now, I have no idea how good or bad the guy actually was, I just have issue with Spielberg's pounding his feel-good approach into me with every movie he makes. Other guys are capable of making movies without doing that. He is supposedly so great. So why can't he do it, too? He is working that PC thing *so* much. He commented that he didn't know if he could do another Indiana Jones movie because, after making Schindler's List, he can't portray Nazi's as buffoons anymore. It is too sensitive a subject for him, you see. Right.
I'm all for laughing at Nazis. And just because the guy saved the lives of lots of Jews (a commendable act considering the risk he was taking) doesn't mean he's beyond criticizing.

> As for the Jewish people placing the stones on his grave...DAMNATION!!!!! IT WAS A WAY TO SHOW THAT THE MAN AND HIS ACTIONS HAVE NOT BEEN FORGOTTEN!!!!! Hell and damnation, you people are starting to sound like those A-holes that try to claim the Holocaust never happened! That scene

And you are starting to sound like someone who can't separate a little criticism of a movie and the subject of that movie from attacking all Jews. And it goes to the root of Spielberg's problem - if he's such a good director then that last part of the movie is *not necessary*. What that last part was either a) the audience is so stupid we have to make the obvious more obvious or b) I have no confidence in my directing ability to I put that last bit in to be sure I get my message across.

> was put in there to remind everyone that so long as we remember, the chance of such things happening again are lessened. Maybe you want to forget it, but I don't.
> Maybe you'd look at the movie differently if you didn't already have a bias against Spielberg, which is what your message leads me to believe.

I personally don't know the guy. I have a bias against his directing, which has taken nose-dive since Close Encounters.

> Whatever again...I felt like I had to take an hour long shower afterwards and then rip the top five layers of my skin off of myself after that movie. It was almost like I had been raped, I think, in many ways. I felt

How many times have you been raped? No way does a movie do that to someone. To use your overreaction to the Schindler comments above maybe I should say... I know several rape victims and friends of rape victims who would find your comparing a movie you don't to being raped as insulting. Seems overboard, yes?

> violated by it. All during the movie I felt the intense need to vomit all over the screen. Sorry, but I don't think it was all that good. Several people have commented (on other lists I participate in) that it was one of the best ads against the use of drugs, alcohol and crime that they had ever seen, and in some ways I agree, but still...The only other movie I have ever seen that made me feel the way I did after I finished watching that film was Natural Born Killers.

Ya, but how was the *movie*, not your reaction to the subject matter.


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