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Well, TPM did break some new ground. Coruscant, for instance, was pretty
much an entirely digital planet, although it did use some sketches, and also
Jar-Jar and Watto were actual CG characters that were so real that you could
hate them(Although a lot of people liked Watto).

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Chris Maier wrote:

> I think part of the resentment for Titanic comes from Star Wars fans who
> (A) Were angry that it made more money than ANH
> (B) Wanted TPM to beat it
> (C) Were scared Dicaprio would get the Anakin part.

Oooh, Dicaprio as Anakin, that would have gotten Lucas a bullet in the head,
for sure.

> I didn't really like the romantic aspect of the movie, but the SFX at the
> end were impressive, if not totally ground-breaking.

There are basically two kinds of effects in movies - the kind you should see
and the kind you shouldn't. So, a movie like The Phantom Menace would need
mostly the kind you should see to give all the fantasy elements life, all
aliens and machines and new worlds. The "wow" type. That should be
groundbreaking. The kind you shouldn't see are what you hope to see in a
like Apollo 13 or Titanic where you shouldn't be aware of them. Unless
somebody blew it. So, there's less need for "groundbreaking" effects there
since you'd never notice them, anyway. The "that was cg?" type. Forest
failed there because the "seamless" integration was many times not seamless
all, although the stuff with taking the legs off of Sinese was great.

> I think TLW:JPs should
> have gotten the reward...sure, it did the same thing as the original, but
> did it better, with more interaction with live objects a la Roger Rabbit,

Again, nothing new. Titanic, on the other hand finally got a cg/model ship
cg water to mesh well. Even with Cameron's goofy
two-full-moons-on-a-moonless-night lighting. Now everybody's doing it but
getting that Arete water software to work right wasn't easy. I think every
effects house has their own water shader now.

> better lighting, etc. I also thought Phantom Menace was cheated at the
> Oscars, although I loved the Matrix....

No was Phantom Menace going to win. Nothing new in that movie, nothing.
Matrix did the whole "bullet time" thing which I am now well sick of seeing
commercials and TV movies but at the time they did something that nobody
could or tried to do. They also did a lot with very little, making simple
painted cityscapes hung behind the actors look like actual city, etc. Not

> Anyhow, as for Titanic, it's not exactly the kind of film you expect
> Cameron to make. This guy basically started the CGI revolution and made
> of the best action sci-fi movies ever(Terminator series and Aliens).
> Interestingly, although he got an oscar for Titanic, his life pretty much
> went to pieces after that, his marriage to Linda Hamilton totally crumbled
> and he started dating Rose's daughter from the movie....

Apparently he'd had a hard-on to make that movie for years. It was part of
deal he made with the studio. You can tell, the way he researched the shit
of it and had the original companies that made the china and rugs and stuff
the original Titanic also make the props for the shoot. Who could tell if
stuff was authentic or not on screen? He could.


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