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>There are more problems with the film than the ending. First, his intentions
>of making the film was a blatant attempt to blackmail the academy to give him
>the Oscar he so coveted, it was such a carefully calculated attempt that I
>despised it.

I guess he was sick of being like Rodney "I get no respect!" Dangerfield
after rolling in dough for years making blockbusters, LOL. Now he gets to
alternate between "serious" and popcorn movies.

>Good thing his followup attempt with Saving Private Ryan (which
>I think is a slightly better film) failed in it's bid, as it's another
>to duplicate what he did with Schindler's List.

Well... you could say it was his tribute to the veterans.

>Next, if he trully wanted to
>make a holocaust movie, why go with an obvious asshole like Schindler? This
>is another WW2 film cliche since the protagonist must be a non-jew to identify
>with the majority of the viewing public.

Hey, you hit it right on the nail.

>No, the ending didn't bring me to tears, it pissed me off instead!


>Some survivors actually didn't find Schindler to be such a saint as Speilberg
>portrayed in his fictionalized telling of the story. That's the same case
>with Rubin "Hurricane" Carter in The Hurricane. Better historical movies are
>Glory and The Insider (well, I know that's a stretch!), made by directors with
>more integrity and attention to historical accuracy.

Ah, but integrity doesn't get you an Oscar. Look at poor Michael Mann and
Russel Crowe... they turned out the best movie for that year yet it didn't
get jack, award or boxoffice-wise.

>Of course girls liked the love story! The guy (who is obviously wrong for
>died after and she was free to live the life she had always wanted to. Things
>I hate about Titanic includes:-
>(1) Half an hour of running up and the bowels of a sinking ship.

LOL, how about 3 hours making your ass sore and woe be those who need to go
to relieve themselfves but don't want to miss a scene?

>(2) Rose getting jealous of a sketch Jack made of a prostitute, but was
> pacified when Jack told her she was a "one-legged-prostitute". Hello?!

Strange how I don't hear any physically challenged groups protesting this.

>(6) Throwing the priceless necklace into the ocean after all these years.
> the?!?

Hmm, I thought she threw it there so hopefully Bill Paxton's crew would
find it, since Rose told them her story already, they'd have a better
appreciation of the necklace upon finding it. Besides, she won't need it
when she croaks (looks that way by how the movie ended).

>(7) "I'm the King of the World!"

Too bad this wasn't parodied in Scary Movie... LOL.

>(8) No talent Leonardo Di Caprio being made into a star.

Aren't you glad he did The Beach instead of American Psycho...

>(10) Rose and Jack making out caused the ship to hit the iceberg and sink.

LOL, where did you get that from? I'd hate to be the owner of the car where

>> > If you want something to blame humanity for liking, try Pulp Fiction.
>> Pulp Fiction was a great movie. Now, it also made Tarantino think that he
>> was God and that he couldn't screw up, but I'll live with that. The
>> performances were great, the story was really good, and the cinematography
>> was excellent, good enough to influence a host of movies that came
>Agreed, not only were the performances outstanding, the unusual narrative
>structure, the outstanding sound track, unpredictable plot, numerous quotable
>lines, and memorable characters all made this a trully remarkable movie.

Excellent film, but somehow chicks don't seem to dig it as much as guys.


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