Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 14:14:49 -0700

>This was snipped off of "Anime news service":
>http://www.animenewsservice.com/ where you can see the rest of the list
>if you are curious.
>187,373 Anime fans were recently polled by Japanese TV channel Animax,
>men's magazine Brutus, and
>video rental chain Tsutaya and asked to give their top 100 favorite
>selections in the following anime
>1. Anime Series, 2. Anime Theme Song, 3. Anime Character. Below are some
>of the results:
>Favorite Anime Series:
>1. Mobile Suit Gundam
>2. Lupin III
>3. Doraemon
>4. Dragon Ball
>5. Space Battleship Yamato
>6. Heidi, Girl Of The Alps
>7. Neon Genesis Evangelion
>I'm so pleased that MS Gundam rated #1!
>I'm also pleased to see the eternally overrated Evangelion beaten by
>Heidi. ^_- I've got my flame sheilds up eddie! ^o^
>---Brett Jensen

I don't see what you are so happy about, considering Gundam Wing did not
even crack the top 7, and is beaten by Evangelion, LOL!


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