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I think part of the resentment for Titanic comes from Star Wars fans who
(A) Were angry that it made more money than ANH
(B) Wanted TPM to beat it
(C) Were scared Dicaprio would get the Anakin part.

I didn't really like the romantic aspect of the movie, but the SFX at the
end were impressive, if not totally ground-breaking. I think TLW:JPs should
have gotten the reward...sure, it did the same thing as the original, but
did it better, with more interaction with live objects a la Roger Rabbit,
better lighting, etc. I also thought Phantom Menace was cheated at the
Oscars, although I loved the Matrix....
 Anyhow, as for Titanic, it's not exactly the kind of film you expect
Cameron to make. This guy basically started the CGI revolution and made some
of the best action sci-fi movies ever(Terminator series and Aliens).
Interestingly, although he got an oscar for Titanic, his life pretty much
went to pieces after that, his marriage to Linda Hamilton totally crumbled
and he started dating Rose's daughter from the movie....

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On Thu, 14 Sep 2000 10:51:09 -0700 (PDT) Michael Wong x4241
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>Dear List:

>> and no, god doesn't exist. there's no macross on the
>> damn list. (and there aren't any decent master grade
>> macross models out yet...grr..damn frigging
>> aurabattler). :P
>Not only is Macross not on the list, Heidi, Girl of the
>Alps is there instead of the much superior Future Boy
>Conan and Dog of Flanders. Also, the fact Dragon Ball
>is still there bothers me a lot too as Dr. Slump was also
>much better than it and it was by the same manga artist!

Agreed about Macross. Also, no Escaflowne either.

>> but then again, i never trust the rest of humanity
>> when it comes to good taste. i mean, c'mon, just look
>> at what happened with titanic. :P
>Not only that, people liked Schindler's List also...

Amd what was wrong with Schindler's List? That was a DAMN fine movie. Great
imagery, excellent visual style, great acting, etc. If its ending doesn't
bring you to tears, then you have some mental problems. I thought it
protrayed what went on during the Holocaust very well.

Next, you'll be telling me you had problems with Nuremburg.

As for Titanic, I thought it was well done, and fairly accurate to most
recounts of the ship's loss. Yes, it was a love story, but I thought they
did a good job of joining that with the actual history. And it started out
well...every word of how the old woman (forget the name at the moment)
brought forth images that you not only heard, but could feel with every
other one of your senses. You don't often find that in most modern movies.

I went in there not expecting much except a sore butt from sitting in one
seat for 3 hours, and just another love story that played with history, much
as Braveheart did. I came out feeling like I hadn't been in there but and
hour and a half (unlike Braveheart), with tears in my eyes. And many of my
friends were so moved by it that they still can't really watch it again to
this day. And the music was great as of the aforementioned
friends immediately went to a music store and bought the soundtrack.

If you want something to blame humanity for liking, try Pulp Fiction.

>> evangelion on the list AGAIN? ugh.
>Well, it's one of the better giant mecha shows that came out
>in recent years. I'm not sure if it will hold it's place up
>there with the classics in a few years, but I enjoyed it much
>more than most of the series on the top 7 list.
>> -garr

Agreed, but I think that something like Vision of Escaflowne should rank


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