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Roland Thigpen wrote:

> Amd what was wrong with Schindler's List? That was a DAMN fine movie. Great imagery, excellent visual style, great acting, etc. If its ending doesn't bring you to tears, then you have some mental problems. I thought it protrayed what went on during the Holocaust very well.

It was fine until the ending. Nobody needed Schindler stumbling about like he was deranged crying about his ring ("Two more Jews") and his car, especially considering that he never actually did all that. That was Spielberg bring the sledgehammer of sap down on the audience. He always does that. If it weren't for that scene I'd say it was almost perfect.

> Next, you'll be telling me you had problems with Nuremburg.
> As for Titanic, I thought it was well done, and fairly accurate to most recounts of the ship's loss. Yes, it was a love story, but I thought they did a good job of joining that with the actual history. And it started out well...every word of how the old woman (forget the name at the moment) brought forth images that you not only heard, but could feel with every other one of your senses. You don't often find that in most modern movies.

The girls liked the love story. The guys couldn't wait for Leonardo to die and for the ship to sink. The love story itself was weak but it was executed well, I think. Having two fictional characters on the Titanic was needless, to me, though. Plenty of drama in that event with what actually happened without having to make stuff up.

> If you want something to blame humanity for liking, try Pulp Fiction.

Pulp Fiction was a great movie. Now, it also made Tarantino think that he was God and that he couldn't screw up, but I'll live with that. The performances were great, the story was really good, and the cinematography was excellent, good enough to influence a host of movies that came afterwards.


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