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> Ah, but you forget that this particular Presidential candidate is married
> Tipper Gore, who became famous long before her husband became Vice

Yes, you're right, I'd forgotten about her. =) Actually, come to think of
it, I don't suppose anyone knows where I can get transcripts of Frank Zappa
vs Tipper Gore and her Bad Lyrics Comittee? Always wanted to read all of it.

> President, Tipper Gore becomes First Lady. Even if Al decides to
flip-flop on
> the issue, Tipper will have a bully pulpit from which to lead the charge
on this
> issue, to which she's already committed.

I expect most people will turn a deaf ear. =) Violence is ingrained too
deeply in modern culture for the whims of one woman, no matter how powerful,
to obliterate.

Besides, I'm sure Al loved The Matrix. ^_~

- dom

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