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Wed, 13 Sep 2000 22:44:13 -0700

Chris Maier wrote:

> The biggest enemy of anime/manga is censoring, I think. For instance, Viz
> has been subtlely editing the nudity in their manga, at least the popular
> titles like DBZ and Pokemon. A lot of DBZ fans(Yes, there are actually quite
> a few above the age of's been stereotyped as a kids show for some
> reason) have taken offense at this and lobbied a petition to Viz. I think
> Viz is currently considering offering both cut and uncut versions of the
> manga.

Geez... here we go again. I remember when viz edited "Mai the psychic girl",
then later due to fan bitching released it uncut. NOTHING pisses me off worse
than censorship. There is never any excuse for it.

---Brett Jensen

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