Chris Maier (
Thu, 14 Sep 2000 11:14:32 -0400

Originally, was the Gundam Wing manga currently being published by Mixx
originally released in Comics BonBon? If so, is there a more 'adult' version
of it? I seem to recall somebody saying that there were two versions of the
Turn A manga, BonBon and a more adult version. While the drawings of the
current GW manga are nice and I enjoy the SD shorts, the plot is all over
the place, like somebody cut up all the GW episodes, put them in a blender
and then tried to piece them back together again. Plus there are the large
panels and word baloons-which I doubt are a product of Mixx's tampering.
 So is there an alternate GW manga? Also, is G-unit pretty much the
same(Large panels, rushed plot, big words) since it was published in the
same magazine, with what looks like the same artist/writer, or is it an

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