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I'm thinking more like angry picket lines....but I doubt that there will be
any moves to censor anime unless say, some wacky televangelist or
superpatriot gets in power. But that's mostly the reform party, and they
haven't been doing too well lately...
 The biggest enemy of anime/manga is censoring, I think. For instance, Viz
has been subtlely editing the nudity in their manga, at least the popular
titles like DBZ and Pokemon. A lot of DBZ fans(Yes, there are actually quite
a few above the age of's been stereotyped as a kids show for some
reason) have taken offense at this and lobbied a petition to Viz. I think
Viz is currently considering offering both cut and uncut versions of the
 Mark probably knows more about this than I do, though.
 I don't think this will affect Gundam, since the Kondo manga has been
discontinued for the time being(I'm quessing it has nudity in it since the
original Gundam anime has a sizable chunk of shower/bath scenes) Blue
Destiny, which had a lot of nudity(The angel Newtype girl) has already been
published and as far as I know there is no nudity in the GW manga.

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Chris Maier wrote:
> If they did that, there'd be some trouble not only with our relationship
> with Japan but also, anime fans would be peeved big time....

ahh yes.. but do anime fans vote? more specificly do they have lobbyists
camping out in congress?


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