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> >It will probably take a few years though... MSV wasn't created overnight
> >either. One could also attribute the lack of theories to the somewhat
> >lackluster performance of Turn-A in comparison to the original series.
> >When you get few interested people in the discussion, it's hard to come
> >up with much.
> Not to mention that Turn A is hardly the fresh new phenomenon that
>First Gundam was 20 years ago. It's quite possible that nobody will ever
>bother to build fancy theories on the Turn A-verse, especially when they
>have shiny new stories like Escaflowne and Evangelion to analyze... Seems
>we're in agreement on that score, eh?
>-- Mark

I suppose it is reasonable for scant discussion of Turn-A on this
list, seeing how inaccessable Turn-A is to most people. I'll keep
trying to continue the discussion though.
I confess that I'm now completely obsessed with Turn-A. It helps that
I've now seen up to ep. 36.

BTW, eps 35 and 36 are great!!! Our heros finally get into space.
There's all sorts of fun as the milita and various earthnoids are
trying to get used to space and zero G. Tomino is great with making
environments (esp. space) seem real and seeing these earthbound
characters trying to adjust is a joy. Example- the militia men crack
open a keg of beer spilling droplets of beer across the whole ship's
hanger. The men don't mind, they just start floating around trying to
gulp the beer like homer simpson did with the potato chips in space.
Then the infirmiry gets full of people banging their heads and other
extremities on the bulkheads (many of the characters are depicted
with bruises and bandages throughout the episodes). There's plenty
more examples but man, that's why I love Tomino.

finally, while thinking about turn-A's connection to the other gundam
stories, my mind made an interesting/ridiculous connection... maybe
Loran is related to Lalah Sun? They have similar personalities and
roles(peacemaker), both look physically related, plus have the same
initials L.S. (Loran Seack, Lalah Sun). Okay, it's slim evidence, but
it's obvious that Tomino sprinkled connections throughout the series
with little regard other than to give the fans a challenge to make
sense of it all. (or provide grist for eternal debate)


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