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Wed, 13 Sep 2000 10:43:44 -0700

Mark Simmons wrote:

> Oh hell yes, it's true. One of the first lines in the movie is "The
> Zeons have deployed an army of roboton invaders!" Then you get random
> lines like "Beam Char aboard"... blurbage about the Gundam's invisible
> force field, and the little-known fact that its "laser rifle" is a
> "phaser cannon charged with neutron particles" that nonethless fires
> "missiles"... and the scripters, apparently assuming that the names were
> in Japanese order, randomly reversed them to bring us names like "Noah
> Bright" and "Yashima Mirai".

God that would be funny if it weren't so depressing. ^_^ I may have to rent
the dub for the MST 3000 factor. ^_^ I mean it sounds like Pinesalad did it!

---Brett Jensen

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