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-Z- wrote:

> > It'll probably all go away after the election, until there's another school
> > shooting or very violent crime comitted by a young person. Such is politics.
> Ah, but you forget that this particular Presidential candidate is married to
> Tipper Gore, who became famous long before her husband became Vice President for
> her nationwide media campaign to ban explicit song lyrics. If Al Gore becomes
> President, Tipper Gore becomes First Lady. Even if Al decides to flip-flop on
> the issue, Tipper will have a bully pulpit from which to lead the charge on this
> issue, to which she's already committed.
> -Z-

The worst thing is that both sides are evil! I was listening to some NPR program the
other day which had Dick Cheney's wife on it, and she was spewing the same kind of
crap. I haven't been so mad in years. I realize when these dopes say anything you
can't tell if they are being sincere or just saying what the vast mindless sea of
morons wants to hear, but it's still scary as hell.

Violence is a basic human trait. we all have dark sides. If the self righteous fools
take away the virtual Sex and violence what you will have is a bunch of Violent,
horny, and realy bored people wandering the streets looking for excitement. Now,
what would that do for the crime rate?

---Brett Jensen

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