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Brett Jensen writes,

>I heard they used all kinds of star trek-ish terminology which had
>nothing to do
>with gundam tech, and I could have sworn that the reviewer said that they
>referred to Zakus as "Robotron defenders" in one scene. Is or isn't this

  Oh hell yes, it's true. One of the first lines in the movie is "The
Zeons have deployed an army of roboton invaders!" Then you get random
lines like "Beam Char aboard"... blurbage about the Gundam's invisible
force field, and the little-known fact that its "laser rifle" is a
"phaser cannon charged with neutron particles" that nonethless fires
"missiles"... and the scripters, apparently assuming that the names were
in Japanese order, randomly reversed them to bring us names like "Noah
Bright" and "Yashima Mirai".

  The Star Trek-style science babble is the easiest thing to nitpick, but
the scriptwriters also did their best to make up new motivations for
characters, invent new romantic relationships between characters, and
generally make up random nonsense. The second and third movies were a lot
better, thanks to the intervention of the Bandai America staff, but the
first one is not what I'd call "completely true to the original stories

  That said, I'm glad that AmuroRay0079 found it acceptably faithful to
the original - at least this means that the random script mangling isn't
bad enough to ruin it for first-time viewers. :-)

-- Mark

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