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This was snipped off of "Anime news service": where you can see the rest of the list
if you are curious.

187,373 Anime fans were recently polled by Japanese TV channel Animax,
men's magazine Brutus, and
video rental chain Tsutaya and asked to give their top 100 favorite
selections in the following anime
1. Anime Series, 2. Anime Theme Song, 3. Anime Character. Below are some
of the results:

Favorite Anime Series:

1. Mobile Suit Gundam
2. Lupin III
3. Doraemon
4. Dragon Ball
5. Space Battleship Yamato
6. Heidi, Girl Of The Alps
7. Neon Genesis Evangelion

I'm so pleased that MS Gundam rated #1!

I'm also pleased to see the eternally overrated Evangelion beaten by
Heidi. ^_- I've got my flame sheilds up eddie! ^o^

---Brett Jensen

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