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> Working off of memory here...
> The opinions of the court, while not explicitly stating this, pretty much hold
> that owning a published product is just as much a part of free speech as
> publishing that same product. Thus, if the government cannot legally prevent
> you from publishing an item, they cannot legally prohibit you from owning it.

Pornography may be published, distributed, sold, and possessed legally in some
places while being illegal in others. "Community standards" is the test in this
case -- the material is legal so long as it doesn't offend the community in
which it resides. By this test, nudity and violence that are acceptable in
Japan, where the material is published and from which it is distributed, may be
deemed offensive throughout the English speaking world.

A number of books that were "banned in Boston" became bestsellers everywhere
else, but could still land you in jail if you were caught with them in Boston.

ET: The Extraterrestrial was prohibited in the Netherlands, which has absolutely
no restriction of sexual material, but a strong band against violence. ET was
considered unacceptable because it cast adults in a villainous light and, to the
Dutch way of thinking, might cause children to fear their elders.

The government could levy a ban against all Japanese products -- anime, manga,
video games, books and music -- that do not conform to American publication
standards, and could also hold imports to a higher standard that domestic
products, just as it bans automobiles that do not meet exhaust emissions and
safety standards.


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