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> Subject: [gundam] Engineer & Gundam Protagonists
> As I was watching ADVFansub's Nadia, I'm struck by the idea of
> engineer as the main character. Nadia and Ghibli's similarly themed
> Laputa both features an engineer as the male protagonist.
> In Gundam, there have been a few that would also qualified:
> 1. Amuro Rey, an gear head even before fate placed him in the cockpit
> of RX78-2. Help in designing in his last mobile suit RX93 Nu Gundam.
> 2. Camille Vidam, like Amuro, a gear head prior to getting into RX178
> Gundam Mk. II. Help in designing Zeta Gundam.
> Are there more that qualified, heroes and villains who's an engineer
> and pilot?

Jude Ashita of Gundam ZZ is in the salvage business, with enough engineering
expertise to be able to recognize and repair salvagable parts.

Chein Agi of CCA was an engineering assistant to October Saban before she became
Amuro Ray's significant other.

Seabook Arno of Gundam F91 is an engineering student. His mon, Monica Arno,
designed the F91 and he knows enough to be able to follow and apply her

Christina Mackenzie of Gundam 0080 was an engineering student before she
enlisted with the Federation. She built the retro-styled sports car (modeled on
the Lotus Super Seven seen in THE PRISONER) as a class project.

Kou Uraki of Gundam 0083, in addition to being a pilot-in-training, is enough of
an engineer to pick out design aspects of the Gundam GP series such as the tail
binder. Kelly Layzner is in the junk business and rebuilt the MA-06 Val Varo
almost completely by himself, with an assist toward the end from Kou Uraki.

Marvette Fingerhut of V Gundam was an engineer, I think, but I can't confirm

Rain Mikimura of G Gundam was a Gundam "doctor" for Damon Kasshu before becoming
the pilot of the Shining Gundam that she used to repair/heal.

I think that Quatre Laberba Winner of Gundam Wing was an engineer, but I can't
confirm that.

Garoad Ran of Gundam X was another junk dealer, specializing in Mobile Suits.


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